Welcome to AffordableHouseLeveling.net. My name is Robert Don Weems of WittyMarketing.com. Please call me Robbie.

I’m here to introduce you to my Father, Gary Don Weems, House Leveler Extrodunear. With his 35+ years of experience, He can diagnose your situation usually without the need for expensive equipment and technologies typically found with modern-day Companies. Simple. Don is old school.

SOMETIMES… SIMPLE IS BETTER. For 4 decades Don has been crawling under houses, spooking vermin and the local cat population. Hes pretty much just straightens out lopsided, dilapidated domiciles all over Historical McKinney, Texas Since… Well, a long time ago.

Do you recognize the home in our banner? Yep. That one was a doozy! We had to move it up and over 4 FEET.

Historical McKinney, Texas

If we were able to wrestle that situation to the ground and then back up into the air… then I’m sure, wait… no. Yep! Pretty sure we can assist with your needs. RoB!

If you prefer to CALL, please dial 903-870-1765. Thank you in advance for considering Don Weems for your house leveling needs.


Don Weems has 35+ Years experience. He specializes in the following foundations:
– Pier and Beam Foundations
– Post Foundations
– Block Foundations
– Manufactured Homes

Why Choose Don Weems?
– Third Generation House Leveler
– Free Estimates
– Senior Citizens Discount

What Next?

  1. First things first. Make a list.
  2. Pick up the pen off the floor because it rolled onto the floor (Remember, the house is unlevel),
  3. If your house looks like this piece of a nightmare and you close your eyes while entering your home, call.
  4. SOUND ADVICE: Please do not live in an ugly, lopsided house! Consider this your tilting house Intervention.
  5. You’re Welcome. 🙂

    CALL: 903-870-1765
    TEXT: 903-267-0283

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